A73 Piano St A73 Piano Station Version 1.1.0
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Brief review

With a bit of practice, those who are new to piano programs will be able to use A73 Piano Software comfortable. However, this program was really developed for professional use. With that in mind, this interface is straightforward enough and comes with some great features that are easily enviable.


It may take a few tries to get used to this program, but once you do you will discover that A73 Piano Station is one of the top piano programs available. As with other programs, this one turns your keyboard into a piano, but it also includes a number of other band instruments.

Main Function

After playing around with this program a bit, the way that the program works and functions become obvious. You can create your own composition, add different instruments, or just work on a piano piece. This program was really designed for use by professional who travel a lot, and don’t always have access to a piano. If this sounds like you, A73 Piano Software is worth a try – just don’t let the bad name of this program fool you!

Extra Features

I love the fact that this program includes a myriad of instrument options. Sometimes it’s nice to accompany a piano piece with trumpets or drums, and this program will allow you to accomplish these tasks.


At $20, A73 Piano is a bit more expensive than its competitors. However, this is still a very small price to pay for a program that works as well as this one does.

Reviewer's rating

Reviewed by Alan Vega
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